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Tea culture is in China broad and profound, have very long tradition, up-to-date still get of the Chinese love. China has kind of establish tea in a lot of areas, when believing a lot of people mature in new tea, can seeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Various tea tree, pale green leaf, look exceedingly inviting, resemble green vegetables same. So, can fresh tea make food? We look below.

Can fresh tea make food

Dragon Well tea fries practice of shelled fresh shrimps: Decorticate fresh river shrimp first, put salt and unripe pink rub to brush, again boiling water. Tea of classy Dragon Well tea wants first bubble is good, put oily bowl together with shelled fresh shrimps next insideSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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A boil is fried, add a few salt, can give boiler. Taste: Delicious, taste the faint scent that there is tea in shrimp, chew even among them tea rise to also be fastened sapid.

Practice of meal of bamboo slip of jasmine flower tea: It is good to spend classy jasmine spend classy jasmine tea bubble first, in loading Thailand aromatic rice, sausage, bacon, taro, Gan Cong tailor-made bamboo slip together, put a pot for steaming food together into boiled water next, evaporate probably half hours. Taste: Rice tea sweet, Zhu Xiang 4 excessive, oily and not be bored with, the aftertaste is boundless.

Can fresh tea make food

Tea of Dragon Well tea fumes river eel practice: Will fresh eel goes bone, with tea of Dragon Well tea, rice, sweet Xie Xunshou, souse of pink of reoccupy ginger, green, salt, candy, chicken 5 minutes. Taste: Eel flesh pledges fresh and tender, bright slips, have light tea sweet and be without fishy smell, nutrient value is high, it is healthy delicate appetizing cold dish

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Green tea mixes bean curd

a bean curd abluent, the egg infiltrates the bowl adds divide evenly of agitate of a few salt only. A few edible oil are put to burn heat inside boiler, add bean curd to use spoon pound, the edge fries edge decoct to close to moisture after working, add greenLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Tea, egg, salt, gourmet powder, the edge mixes the balm on Bian Lin, add chopped green onion to break up again fry to ripe can give boiler to provide dinner for guest. This dish is fresh and tender and goluptious, delicate raise a stomach.

Can fresh tea make food

Weever of black tea evaporate

After wiping piscine whole body with high-grade Shaoxing wine first, install dish, go up beforehand the beauty of modulation is extremely bright soy, red tea dust, scatter againShanghai night net

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Silk of red any of several hot spice plants, Jiang Si is mixed on green evaporate of Duan Yongwang fire can go up 10 minutes desk.

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A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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