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Often eat lotus leaf tea to be able to have the effect that reduce weight, while we drink lotus leaf tea, its still can join a few other edibles really, join the food such as medlar of a few hawkthorn inside for example, orShanghai Long Feng forum

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Person be when drinking lotus leaf tea, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Add value of a few nutrition taller, because medlar has the effect of filling gas blood, eat a few medlar in the process that reduce weight so, conduce to health, so medlar of hawkthorn lotus leaf can reduce weightA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a cityForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Can medlar of lotus leaf hawkthorn reduce weight

It is OK that water of bubble of medlar of 1 hawkthorn lotus leaf is drunk

Medlar of hawkthorn lotus leaf can bubble water is drunk.

Hawkthorn sex is lukewarm, medlar sex is smooth, lotus leaf sex is cool, 3 person sexual flavour won’t should not, and their nutrient composition is OK still interaction, not only won’t produce a harm to human body, bubble is drunk together still can achieve reduce weight thin body, fall the purpose of blood pressure.

Can medlar of lotus leaf hawkthorn reduce weight

Water of bubble of medlar of 2 hawkthorn lotus leaf has what profit

Hairdressing is raised colour

The vitamin A in medlar can transform the skin, medlar polysaccharide can keep clear of the freedom inside body base, rise to fight consenescenceForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
vitamin and amino acid are contained in action; hawkthorn, they also can resist well the dimension in anile; lotus leaf1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Crude element C and malic acid are OK beautiful white skin, what can reduce pigment is ad cool-headed, because water of bubble of medlar of this hawkthorn lotus leaf has apparent hairdressing,raise Yan Gong effect.

Fall hematic fat

The yellow ketone in hawkthorn, citric acid and hawkthorn acid and can help fall blood pressure, and yellow ketone and 3 terpene kind can fall the lotus leaf in cholesterol; lotus leaf is alkaline also can help fall medlar of blood pressure; can make the content of triglyceride and cholesterol decreases, consequently one bubbly water drinks medlar of hawkthorn lotus leaf the OK and very good illness that helps hypertensive patient improve them.

Can medlar of lotus leaf hawkthorn reduce weight

Can medlar of hawkthorn of 3 lotus leaf reduce weight

Medlar of lotus leaf hawkthorn can reduce weight on certain level.

Beet is contained in medlar alkaline this kind of material, it can promote fat to metabolize character, solution is contained in can reducing adipose deposit; hawkthorn fat is enzymatic, it can use up more adipose; lotus leaf medium lotus leaf is alkaline can make adipose get decomposing, hawkthorn, lotus leaf, medlar 3 person it is OK to put bubble water together to drink achieve the goal with adipose pare.

How are medlar of 4 lotus leaf hawkthorn drunk reduce weight

Had better be drink after half hour of lunch or dinner, this time paragraph tea of lotus leaf of drinkable hawkthorn medlar not only can help aid digestion, still can remove well fat, one day can drink 2 cups.

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