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Wild rice stem fries the flesh to want to notice when do, can be pure not merely cut the flesh agglomerateNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Possible, the flesh had better be now a little a few bigger the pattern with wild rice stem is similar, such word is done can eat dish and meat, also won’t have too prominent appearance, also can join a few chili, green Chinese onion, cooking wine or soy a kind, water starch ticks off Gorgon euryale, can make the flesh qualitative become more slippery tender, mouthfeel also is met better.

 Wind the way that fries the flesh in vain small fry

Wild rice stem fries shredded meat
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Lean lean, wild rice stem, chili, green Chinese onion, cooking wine, soy, salt, water starch, gourmet powder


1 cut lean lean into silk first, with starch of cooking wine brine soy souse reserves. Wild rice stem, chili, green Chinese onion cuts into shreds.

Below silk of 2 lean lean fry into the 6 boiler that become heat ripe give boiler, boiler takes bottom oil, issue wild rice stem to fry again, join salt, fry soft when the shredded meat that rejoin has fried, chili silk, break up fry even, join gourmet powder, silk of green Chinese onion, gave boiler to be become.

Xiao hang

Fry in the boiler that shredded meat does not leave oily Wen Taigao, can touch boiler.

 Wind the way that fries the flesh in vain small fry

Wild rice stem fries cutlet

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Wild rice stem 2, cutlet


Measure 1: Cutlet uses salt, cooking wine souse 15 minutes stand-by.

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Measure 2: Wild rice stem is abluent, pare flay goes a section.

Measure 3: Bottom oil is put in boiler, oil is hot, add Jiang Pian to explode sweet, fry into the cutlet stir-fry before stewing with good souse hoar, join soy next, it cooking wine stir-fry before stewing is fried a few times is OK that cooking wine stir-fry before stewing is fried a few times Cheng Qi comes stand-by.

Measure 4: Oil of a few bottom is put in boiler, oily heat enters stir-fry before stewing of conflagration of wild rice stem to fry, add saline stir-fry before stewing to fry to wild rice stem hair is soft. Feel to compare dry word, can add bit of water less.

Measure 5: Enter stand-by cutlet again next, mix fry next chopped green onion that increase a point to be able to be installed dish. A lot of dish and pork collocation had done in my rich guest, general procedure is similar, just changed those who differ to match dish to make you more a kind of choice.

 Wind the way that fries the flesh in vain small fry

Wild rice stem fries shredded meat

Brief introduction is fresh and tender, xian Xiang.


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Shanghai Long Feng forum

Advocate makings: Wild rice stem 500 grams, pork 150 grams, peanut oil 50 grams, soy 20 grams, refined salt 3 grams, gourmet powder 2 grams, cooking wine 10 grams, egg half, water is amylaceous 15 grams, onion powder 10 grams, jiang Mo 10 grams.


1. arranges pork cut piece, again suitable silk is cut grow 6 centimeters, thick 0.2 centimeters silk, with the egg, divide evenly of water starch oar. Wild rice stem shucks Laopi, bite off old root, cut filament.

2. fry boiler to place flourishing heat is burned on fire, put peanut oil. After oily heat, issue good into the oar shredded meat. Wait for shredded meat to fry after coming loose, leave green last stage, jiang Mo, soy, cooking wine is fried mix even, issue silk of wild rice stem, refined salt, gourmet powder then, fry mix become namely equably.

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