[of the desire] : Qing Chunke’s person, be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy letting a person is unforgettable!

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[playtime] : On July 6
[J S name] : A510
[J S native place] : Hunan
[J S age] : 21
[J S amount] : 80+
[recreational project] : 120 minutes of SM
[recreation costs] : 868
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Road of authority of transient yesterday state, want to want to look for a place hey skin, also be for a long time did not come, see a card decide finallyOsmundHe

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  • re, an A510 that sees friend circle recommend is pretty good, it is favorite kind, girl of 21 years old’s senior Qingchun is lovely, after making an appointment, receive inn continuously, did not pick a person, also be economic sat a little while in many time ~~~ rooms, the girl is taken, true person as expected beautiful, the individual becomes aware it is good to should compare a photograph take, x is a bit small, if the girl that does not pass this kind of type distributes a gigantic milk again, be to who do not have really, see those who hold out satisfaction, also stayed, OsmundExplained, retreated ~~ actively
    The girl took me to bathe first, comfortable go doing SM subsequently on SM bed, the body is tender, fresh pork! Bold and open, the service is good. Do I ask where person the girl is? The girl says be Hunan, no wonder figure is so good, we what two people hit on

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  • SM bed is fervent, my JJ has congested quickly the degree of extremely, go up the becomes on the verge of breaking out state that g

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  • o up. Strong X of the girl implement glide my whole body when, I feel I want much joy to have much joy, male joyous female love is so wonderful. Coul

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  • dn’t help really, does the girl ask me Shu Bushu is taken? I say comfortable ah, she says then we are done, she takes TT we go up in the bed directly battle, dai Hao TT I the wants to invade her body with respect to too impatient to wait, SM fluid is sticky still sticky adhesion two the individual’s bodies, the sense is real too wonderful, this is the joy that does not experience in the home, inside meeting place only ability some is stimulated. Look at a girl to shutting an eye to singing the singing of be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, those two pairs of jade article shake in what make a round trip before me ah shake, shook heaven… … when shooting, warm unbroken, still also do not think out to unplug small DD at that time, recall the temperature of girl body, two words be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy!

    Little younger sister still does not let me pull out later come, I bend over to hold her in arms to be enmeshed in joy on her body, later slowly the girl earns emergence softly to come we rinse a feeling going renewing on the bed… she says I am sure X desire pretty is strong, the person that likes this pose to sleep X desire is strong. . . . . . Next we look at A piece, I am feeling the girl’s lethal weapon, two very slippery to MM feel are good, those who hold is comfortable, also had not known how long, cui clock time arrived, the girl says to still have 10 minutes, rise to wear good TT again, I am to the dot came forcedly, JJ was knocked a few times on the girl’s body, gradually JJ come to one’s senses, later cut the Gordian knot, one P came again after exceeding 3 minutes, get dressed later came out.

    Those who eat is nod inside anteroom, the thing that additional point physical po

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  • wer has is good still, OsmundAlso be to appeared in time to be visited back and forth, present SN still takes those who serve quality seriously very much, those who become aware is quite satisfactory still, the price also is more reasonable, laterOsmundTo send downstage, buy sheet to go person there is new course to still should be met after ~~ will see ~ again

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