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Experienced waists-coat line is not an easy thing, need a schoolgirl to have the mind that perserve especially, ability obtains favorable gymnastical result finally. And if wanting to acquire waists-coat line quickly, mastering right kind and behavioral essentials is very be necessary. Say commonlyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Come, the abdominal, stretch one’s legs that maintain the ground, sufficient needle touchs the ground, lie on one’s back alternant, sit chair carries the method such as chair of leg, arm pressing is OK and very good exercise waists-coat line.


Schoolgirl of line of how experienced waists-coat is the fastest

1, abdominal


Be in inspiratory when, let belly be roused, and be in expiratory when, let belly crimple, conduce to peristalsis of exciting intestines and stomach, can promote the eduction of the trash inside body, thereby smooth air current. When walk at ordinary times or standing, should narrow forcibly only abdomen, cooperate abdominal, can let alvine muscle become close solid, achieve the goal of abdomen of thin and small.


Schoolgirl of line of how experienced waists-coat is the fastest

2, the stretch one’s legs that maintain the ground


Prepare gem gal mat, antebrachium maintains the ground, let antebrachium and the upper arm show 90 degrees, tiptoe chooses the ground, the body is shown all the time line, hip is raised a little, tighten up abdomen, stay 3 seconds (gem gal mat can avoid an arm to get hurt) .


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condition, carry right leg upgrade, after keeping 5 seconds, change a foot to make similar action. Repeat above a bout is below the behavioral 12-15 of two measure, make 3 rounds in all, this group of movements can train abdomen, back, coxal muscle strength.


Schoolgirl of line of how experienced waists-coat is the fastest

3, sufficient needle touchs the ground


Body lie low, let ham bend show 90 degrees of right angle, crus and ground are parallel at the same time. Both hands is put naturally in the two side of the body, the centre of the palm is gadarene. ThisShanghai night net

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Close floor.


Divide a pace to lower left leg next, begin campaign from hip only, toe rushs down touchdown, and tiptoe cannot true touchdown. Then expiratory, divide pace general leg likewise reductive to position of rest, change right leg to make similar action again. So double leg repeats alternately make this motion, every leg is done 12 times.


4, lie on one’s back alternant


Lie on one’s back the place that alternant law basically exercises is flank flesh. Put both hands after the neck, let double leg bend, then alternant pedal gives thin leg, the attention toes step on the leg that give and ground want to have certain space, nevertheless cannot too tall, the foot does not come up against the ground, it is across next. The elbow of a side and the knee joint that another side bends a leg want to be stood by as far as possible, want to be controlled with flank flesh at the same time, every leg toes step on 15 times at least, in all 3 groups.


5, sit chair carries leg

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Prepare a piece of chair that does not have gyro wheel, the person sits at the chair before 1/3 part, two tactics is put at chair face two side are balanced with holding the body, bipod and approach, tighten up abdomen, the upper part of the body is gone to a little tilting back ward.


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After tightening up abdominal training, bipod and drive up of approach bend one’s knees arrives to be mixed at least the height with chair same area, put down double foot to step on the ground again, drive up puts next making a round trip to do a bout is below 10-12, make 3 rounds in all.


Using the chair that does not have gyro wheel is to avoid to do sequel appear when the movement lopsided bring about get hurt.


6, the arm presses a chair


Grasp two tactics, antebrachium to be put on chair face, the upper arm and antebrachium show 90 degrees, bipod is stretched be the same as with the shoulder wide, let tiptoe choose the ground, at the same time clamp hip receives an abdomen to keep 30 seconds, this movement can take exercise arm, abdomen and next half-length muscle strength.


In the process that do cannot bow-backed or put total force at hip, avoid an arm to be being maintained get hurt.

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