Modus Games gave off riddle of movement of horizontal edition of the 2D below the banner to swim newly today ” depart is spent (DEGREES OF SEPARATION) ” 5 minutes newest demonstrate, if the poem is picturesque,draw wind strange beauty! This making book landed platform of PS4/Xbox One/Switch/Steam whole main aspect on Feburary 14, 2019. ” depart is spent ” it is game of riddle of movement of a 2D, there are 2 heroes in game — the girl Rime that represents summer and the boy Ember that represent a winter, the ability that Rime and Ember part to hold melts and freeze, player need is held alternately accuse 2 heroes, coordinate adequately use these two kinds of capacity, all sorts of enigma on unlock advancement road. · ” depart is spent ” between medium hero more it is the relationship that be propped up each other and defends, game draws unreal of wind strange fond dream, have Dishini quite the feeling of fairy tale story, colour is very lively also. Both theme is ” love ” , but former in expression cowardly, latter is in expression is brave. · ” depart spends ” 5 minutes newest demonstrate:

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