Homebred Galgame ” snow of fine and soft ” already went up in Steam put on sale, lead reputably 94% , but the player spits groove the love bridge of this game paragraph Low, had a response to this developer. Developer says: “Say strictly, because,Low of love Duan Zi is me… hum, not… experience. Nevertheless I am written be lovelorn to be returned with forsaken story is very be expert at, develop hard next time. ” game is premonitory:
” snow of fine and soft ” those who tell about is the progress as a result of gene editor and medicaments technology, produced a kind of magical technology: Can let a person like another person. You and ” small fine and soft ” the person be benefited that is this technology, you and she can love each other only, irresolvable, no matter how harm her, she can be excused. This is free feeling, or by the love of confine? It is the desire that is operated, be still two souls that are snatched? Everything is decided by you. ” snow of fine and soft ” in include achievement system, have much ending branch, complete another story locks up solution after closing.

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