” OL of wild big armed escort ” it seems that since since the end of the year was released 2018, players encounter various Bug and breakdown problem all the time. The player feedbacked recently a of type of this line upper mould ” stranger ” the task also appeared Bug, some players discover in task process he cannot undertake interacting with NPC. A few players think originally ” OL of wild big armed escort ” the version last week can be solved newlier ” stranger ” task Bug problem, but not be players in fact what anticipate in that way, this problem still is. According to the feedback of players, carrying out ” stranger ” in the task, players just encountered the problem that cannot speak with NPC at the beginning, but the breakdown later is more and more serious however, players are prime after accepting the job even cannot proceed goes down. A few player passes research one time, discovery can have odds to solve this one problem through loginning afresh, at present already many players prepare to try this kind of method, look can ” not give up for lost ” . Additional, still a few players gave out additionally one kind of proposal: The young associate of occurrence Bug people can wait for means in order to pass part death to accept this job afresh probably, also odds can avoid to produce Bug. Current, many players still are awaiting the seasonable rehabilitate of R star, nevertheless development business appears and did not make any making known one’s position to this Bug, and also do not have repair ” stranger ” task breakdown includes a plan plan in. The player can adopt afore-mentioned proposal plan probably, will have a look to whether can avoid the generation of Bug.

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