” we, revolution ” by Polyslash this development is made, story setting set the court during the French Revolution is Thespian game, announced the day of put on sale at platform of each old lead plane eventually, predict to will be in rolled out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Ren Tiantang Switch on June 25. Be in ” we, revolution ” in, the player will act national consortium old court among them Alexis Fidele of a judge, be in most swaying in the midst of a raging storm, enemy the court decision that other participates in in the era that I separate hard, and be involved in must be faced in political tactics. The player must make a decision cautiously, besides should face the public besides, connect leading role family to also be met to his view as the player’s choice change. The gut of game will let a player be immersed in moral difficult problem, drop the corner that cannot predict consequence easily, the decision that player place makes often also is not completely correct. As the judge, this influence that decides other life and death is a great burden and responsibility, also be the force that can affect this revolution future to move toward at the same time. As to how should contain the literary metaphor, be worldly wise and make oneself safe in adapting the play from the history in this paragraph, avoid at be being served the destiny of guillotine, carry the wisdom that watchs a player and strategy. ” we, revolution ” already can buy on Steam at present, support English, French, polish language.

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