Now (on June 11) E3 2019 game is exhibited on, ” Sha wood 3 ” announcing PC will be Epic exclusive game, caused the dissatisfaction of players, ask in succession refund, but be in ” Sha wood 3 ” in developing atelier of business YS Net to send the player’s mail, pointed out clearly however: Cannot give the player in Steam purchase in advance refund. Mail translation: Dear Xx player, thank you to be able to contact us very much. Before this, ” Sha wood 3 ” be to should land Steam platform really, but after depending on game issueing business deep silver to be communicated plus Epic, we discover landing Epic game store is best choice. ” Sha wood 3 ” will molopolize in Epic game store put on sale, and user of store of need Epic game goes activationing. I am right platform of put on sale of abrupt change game to everybody excuse, but the change that we won’t be platform of this put on sale is right ” Sha wood 3 ” undertake refund. We appreciate everybody’s support very much, it is better to also expecting to bring everybody ” Sha wood 3 ” game experience, after all the player of world each district expects long already. The acknowledgment of from the bottom of one’s heart ” Sha wood 3 development group ” at the same time, push go up to still have a player especially to purchase in advance ” Sha wood 3 ” how should game of PC hypostatic edition do had an inquiry, ” Sha wood 3 ” game issued business deep silver to also make a reply to this. Player Eks Dee asks: “Waited 4 years ” Sha wood 3 ” what say originally is to land Steam, the result became Epic to molopolize however, how does so hypostatic edition do, still have? ” ” Sha wood 3 ” game issues business deep silver: “PC of purchase in advance ” Sha wood 3 ” the player of hypostatic edition will get of Epic game store ” Sha wood 3 ” activation code. ” ” Sha wood 3 ” will land PS4/PC on November 9, 2019 (Epic is exclusive) platform.

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