Be in chinese mainland area from June 2013 open not since cutout archives checks, ” planetary limit 2 ” exceed extensive warlike experience with its, the records a battlefield and tripartite a group of people of same interest to fight at the same time peculiar pattern that spends high freely gets of players love. We tell everybody very regretfully, as a result of the reason that the contract expires, we will stop on May 31 ” planetary limit 2 ” the operation that is in Chinese area.

According to relevant law laws and regulations, to assure the legitimate rights and interests of broad player, decision of the 9th city stops since March 16, 2016 ” planetary limit 2 ” the user activations and fill value; and rise from April 30, 2016, stop ” planetary limit 2 ” the game of chinese mainland area serves. Before game service stops, you can continue to use original account and the check the number that had filled to have game, compliance of the 9th city will continue to be ” planetary limit 2 ” the user offers high grade client to till game service is stopped completely,serve.

Came on March 16, 2016 on April 30, open ” planetary limit 2 ” the user did not use move of remaining sum of check the number to apply for; to purse of 9 cities electron

Explain: Open since March 16 ” planetary limit 2 ” after the user did not use move of remaining sum of check the number to apply for to purse of 9 cities electron, remaining sum of untapped check the number is returned to will apply for actively through the user inside user account, in transferring the purse of 9 cities electron to user Zhang date, can be used at other sport of the 9th city charge a cost. In the meantime, we also will roll out corresponding odd check the number to change plan, ensure the legal interest of the user, the detail asks announcement of advertent official net.

If be in ” planetary limit 2 ” after shutting game server on April 30, the player still has not the game of invalidation serves, call client of the 9th city to serve a phone please (021-80203600) . We will talk things over according to particular case and player solve.

Finally, the 9th city wants to once gave ” planetary limit 2 ” friend of the broad player of great attention, enthusiasm and support, media and relevant partner, pay the truest acknowledgment again! Hope everybody continues to support banner of the 9th city to fall ” igneous waterfall ” etc is outstanding product. Believe to be below everybody’s attention and support, the 9th city will be gotten as always try hard continuously, dedicate for broad player game of more high-quality goods and more excellent service.

” planetary limit 2 ” (PlanetSide 2, original translated term is interstellar Online2) be by Suo Ni online recreation (Sony Online Entertainment, SOE of the following abbreviation) make, the 9th city (NASDAQ: NCTY) the most large-scale war shoots the whole world of acting operation the net swims (MMOFPS) , with its real battle experiences, distinctive game mode gained the favour of numerous players. In game, the player can select sovereign state of made of baked clay exert, new federal and earthly republic an a group of people of same interest joins the random in 3 a group of people of same interest battle, besides OK and optional switch light-duty assault arms, heavy-duty assault arms, the person that permeate, arms of battle medical treatment, engineer and MAX6 the profession undertakes dogface fight outside, still can drive plane, tank, carry arms car 11 kinds carry the stereo battle with all-around sky of land of concrete produce the expected result. In game, the loot of is oneself namely a group of people of same interest that the player should do exclusively more territory, gain more resource and certificate point, use these resource and certificate dot to be able to promote an individual fighting capacity considerably. ” planetary limit 2 ” small gain of grand of division of the E3 2012, Germany, ChinaJoy() , the world such as American PAX each are big game is exhibited the meeting is times mediumer suffer a player to chase after hold in both hands, in E3 was to obtain more include optimal network game, optimal fire game inside 16 large award.

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