” quanta is broken ” big plate of first pieces of former voice is about to appear on the market, disc of this piece of black glue is in charge of by full-fledged member of Iam8bit of company of famous game originality. According to page of the store on Iam8bit net, this record shows already open purchase in advance, only set limit to 3000 pieces, swift-handed the hand is not had slow!

This piece of disc collected 13 composer to send the work of division of lucky A Lan, still a few give priority to the music of the problem to look with company of Monarch of great villain in drama. Besides, version of will accessary number is returned in disc.

” quanta is broken ” already rolled out formally on Xbox One/Windows 10 PC on April 5. Former voice big plate will be in fall last stage is sent entirely this year. Before this, the player is OK and online try listen to this magnify dish.

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