After the course awaits for years, 2K and Gearbox are exhibited in game of PAX East 2019 eventually on announced ” derelict ground 3 ” . Although first prevue did not announce day of put on sale, but vermicelli made from bean starch people also need not wait very long, because can be announced formally next week. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford affirms when vermicelli made from bean starch of the reply on Twitter ” derelict ground 3 ” day of put on sale had been decided, will announce on April 3 in American time. Right April 3 ” derelict ground ” a very important time is for vermicelli made from bean starch, this day ” derelict ground: Year edition ” meeting put on sale, ” derelict ground: Handsome Jiekegeji ” can roll out 4K material to be wrapped character, in addition ” derelict ground 3 ” still can announce include day of put on sale inside more message. Since Gearbox plans to was announced on April 3 ” derelict ground 3 ” day of put on sale, distance PAX East is announced very close that day, why do some people feel puzzled to be absent announce announced day of put on sale that day? Announced already in prevue probably. Foreign pla阿拉爱上海同城

yer discovered a number respectively in prevue recently 10 with 1, accordingly they conclude ” der上海千花网论坛


ground 3 ” will be in this year on October 1 put o新上海贵族宝贝论坛

n sale. Put on sale still will be October 1 very accord with ” derelict ground ” the put on sale of series game is used to. ” derelict ground ” and ” derelict ground: Pass before ” will be October put on sale, ” derelict ground 2 ” will be September put on sale, in addition will mix in October November is game of a lot of 3A gathers together two months of put on sale, grab so had better not pas上海千花网论坛

s in the put on sale at the beginning of October. ” derelict ground 3 ” 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

had developed old, and PS4 of this for generations lead plane and Xbox One be about to respond to a curtain call, so ” derelict ground 3 ” the possibility of put on sale is very large this year. The individual feels October 1 is a very right choice really.

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