Much husband of Du Sai Er of China News Service on June 4 report (reporter Wang Xi) world ping surpassed Dusaierduofu 4 days to spread out male single quarterfinal to contend for 2017. Be in with 4: 2 after beating Burr of German famous general, dragon of horse of Chinese group team leader promotes 4 strong, he will make Xin contend for finals qualification with teammate.

As a pair of old rival, ma Long and Burr understand very much, two people battle becomes before 4 bureaus 2 smooth, the advantage that goes up in actual strength along with wheeler dragon nevertheless begins to show, the 5th, in 6 bureaus, he did not give adversary the chance again almost, with 11: 4, 11: 9 leave two towns repeatedly, win match victory.

“In adversary advocate everybody meets such dozen of one field competition nervous, but influence actually not apparent, more important is he can develop a standard normally inside this kind of atmosphere, ” Ma Long says. In the match, the sound of boost the morale of of German audience becomes one large dominant position of Burr for a time, dan Malong thinks this can not cause too big effect to him. Ma Long says, bilateral to respective ability tactics each other are familiar with very much, also do before contest sufficient preparation, “Even if hit to 2: 2 when also won’t feel pressure is abrupt particularly big, feel state of mind prepares more adeq上海千花网

uately than the technology today. Feel state of mind prepares more adequately than the technology today..

Ma Long will face teammate to make Xin in semifinals, latter with 4: 1 beat Japan 13 years old ” talent teenager ” wisdom of an anticipatory actin and. Xu Xin is won not relaxed, every bure爱上海同城对对碰

au should encounter the fierce fight of adversary is killed almost, score is very adjacent also.

“I already ‘ dead ‘ pass, ” Xu Xin tells a reporter, be opposite the 1/8 final of a Lin Gaoyuan can barely escape one’s life, let him one is plant ” the deathtrap of buy is born after that ” feeling, to the victory also more be full of longing, “I won’t give anybody the chance again, ” he says.

“He has been hit mad, ” to washing out Japan unexpectedly ” one e上海龙凤论坛sh1f

lder brother ” Shui Gusun kills 8 powerful a hint foreshadowing later development in a story all the way wisdom and, xu Xin says, he comes down rhythm rein in intentionally in the match, and this is the optimal pattern that meets the young match with get victory of speed, passion, “Get victor上海千花网交友

y has a lot of idea actually ” .

The Fan Zhendong that wins male Shuang Guanjun together with Xu Xin with 4: Dan Yuxiao of player of 1 conquer Japan hopes to be killed 4 strong, he will encounter the Korea player Li Shangzhu that washed out Zhang Jike in semifinals, latter with 4: Huang Zhenting of player of Hong Kong of China of 1 beat easily.

The effect that can overcome physical ability in so short time adjusts good position, fan Zhendong says, “The game that plays passed, go pr上海千花网

eparing the co上海贵族宝贝交流区

ntest from the back heart and soul. ” (be over)

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