Login register Australia of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian to surpass Zhu Yuling to enter finals Japan male single to be destroyed by the group by Chen Meng of sweep anything away origin: ?  ?2017-07-07 09:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Australia surpassed international ping couplet publicly 2017 continue to undertake in gold coast, female odd semifinal two China civil war, unexpectedly of Ling of bright red rain with 0-4 by sweep anything away of young gene爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ral Wang Manyu, latter is hit into finals and Chen Meng to contend for a coronal. Chen Meng is in a semifinal, beat teammate to consider Yu Ting w上海千花网交友

ith 4-0. Disastrous defeat of army group of male single Japan, include Tian Zhengshu of Shui Gusun, auspicious, loose Ping Jiantai and big island Dai inside 4 people, suffer a defeat entirely in 1/4 final, hit into semifinals without one person.

Although Ding Ning and Liu poem Wen did not sign up,play this station game, but Zhu Yuling and Chen Meng present as leading role the nation that one numerous young general comprises pings female odd battle array, still be in with expedite beautiful 上海夜网

of absolutely brunt Ishikawa beautiful eaves of pure, champaign and Yi Teng beautiful city inside in the antagonism of battle array of female sheet of Japanese a gleam of, obtain to be over get the better of, confess one’s crime annulus to 1/4 final, 3 rounds of add up to 10 Sino-Japanese argue, the country pings female sheet wins victory entirely, final Zhu Yuling, Wang Manyu, Chen Meng and success of the graceful that consider jade undertake the whole thing 4 strong.


emifinals Zhu Yuling and Wang Manyu have civil war, regard number one as seminal Zhu Yuling, be in ahull completely. Ankylose what both sides of before two bureaus still hits for a time relatively, nevertheless Zhu Yuling still is in clear inferior position, lose with 8-11 and 7-11 early or late. The 3rd bureau and the 4th bureau, zhu Yuling hits more impatient more, active error is ceaseless, be aed string of 1 completely hit by Wang Manyu, be defeated again with the great disparity score of two 4-11, sweep anything away of Wang Manyu of tegument of meaning of total score 0-4, without the final with ultimate reason.

A semifinal, chen Meng is opposite a young general Gu Yuting. Face Gu Yuting’s challenge, chen Meng is on very actual strength and contest experience, hold clear dominant position. Chen Meng of before two bureaus is controlled completely on field active, take one after another with 11-7 and 11-6. The 3rd bureau considers Yu Ting to reinforce attack, chen Meng pulls open minute of difference hard for a time. Both sides ankyloses to 10 after making the same score, the moment of truth or Chen Meng grasp an opportunity, must leave one town 2 minutes again with 12-10 repeatedly. Chen Meng of the 4th bureau at a dash, with 11-7 triumph beat easily of total score 4-0 considers Yu Ting, with final of Wang 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

Manyu join forces.

Final of male single 1/4, japanese army group is completely annihilated, win out without one person hit into 4 strong. Struggle hard of one hawk of cereal of elder brother water 7 bureaus, with 3-4 not enemy Korea player Zhao Chengmin, ji Tian is being cultivated criterion with 0-4 by French player Simon – Gao Ci sweeps Japanese player. Suo Nuofu of Mu of Sa of White Russia veteran, take Dai of next loose Ping Jiantai, big island with 4-1 criterion with British player Jinkehuoer right definitely in be defeated with 2-4 below blast come.

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