Zhou San (on March 29) , shanghai is deep two town are small low go, midday dish before after deep V rebounds, break up red. Its relay week of 2 continuous fall 5, after 10 days of lines, shanghai points to today defeat repeatedly for a time 20, 30 days of lines, and second new collective goes weak to be considered as grail to kill dropping main reason, as corresponding as this is, “One belt all the way ” (hav上海千花网交友

en, high speed, Xinjiang) , the weight such as coal, steely, bank is protected dish apparent.

Dish on the face, “One belt all the way ” still acclaim a key, the haven that its involve get go up two city, board piece inside wave having peace is marine (harbor of 600798.SH) , Nanjing (harbor of 002040.SZ) , Lian Yun (harbor of 601008.SH) , bright and beautiful city (harbor of 600190.SH;900952.SH) , Zhuhai (harbor of 000507.SZ) , Dalian (harbor of mouth of 601880.SH;02880.HK) , battalion (600317.SH) 7 a harden; . Happy inspect go up greatly exceed 5% .

Board piece respect, pink of Tib上海千花网龙凤论坛

et, titanium white, haven goes up a house before, exceed in, brew, the Silk Road board piece drop a house before. Second new early dish of defeat below all fronts, second new board piece the index falls nearly 2% , pull fragrant home to change (603630.SH) , Maigemite (new material of 002851.SZ) , SamSung (coloured of 603578.SH) , silver (601212.SH) drop all exceed 8% , capital runs away apparent.

Second new why to steep fall? Overall and character, basically have the following 3 elements:

One of, recently, classics card inspect can agree, hand in hand in place, greatly place, medium card is ascended plan to introduce negotiable securities to trade capital front risk controls a system, strengthen hold or the hire such as verify certificate company, fund company, insurance company to trade the day-to-day buying operation of unit orgnaization. Alleged trade unit, in short, namely ” grab board god implement ” and ” VIP passageway ” , it is a kind of when the client offers after certificate business applies for to bourse special service, let a client have exclusive trade passageway, need not trade wit上海贵族宝贝交流区

h great majority the client is being squeezed queue up, have thereby faster trade speed. This kind of passageway basically has two kinds of effect: It is benefit good after giving heat grab harden; 2 it is benefit sky after coming on stage escape drop stop. Say to coming at present, big fund of the biggest good nothing is more… than is grabbed prepare what just appeared on the market second new, obtai上海夜网论坛

n easily break up times and even multiple profit.

Exchange new rule restricts VIP passageway to declare amount, this system or will restrict ” idle fund ” be in second new on strong grab chip with seal harden behavior. Analytic personage says, this Shanghai is deep two big exchange are new roll out ” capital front controls system system ” of main limitation, it is big the amount that declare, although to trading unit is grabbed,prepare won’t have too big restriction, but declare those who restrict market idle fund amount. This changes or will change the market last new seal continuously board amount of capital taxation form, further change second new connect board zoology environment.

Secondly, the letter amounts to Gu Yongtao of negotiable securities analyst to think, the near future superintended a layer to undertake the correction on detail to financing, to again financing behavior limitation is strengthened, going up to open a space for IPO somehow, be helpful for card inspect can handling issue of IPO barrier lake. The near future superintends a layer to make known one’s position, besides strengthen plan to appear上海千花网龙凤论坛

on the market the quality examine and verify of the company, appear on the market company measure also hopeful is increased, the market also came into being certain anticipation. Because new a large number of addition, new the value adjusts an estimate necessarily.

Thirdly, from the point of current prices, the orgnaization thinks, up-and-up of current economy data, blue prepare a conf上海同城对对碰交友社区

iguration value to be highlighted further, or it is first selection of capital of field inside and outside. And second new the risk is being increased however, especially early days goes up a bigger, price is exorbitant second new. That is to say, storehouse of brunt capital air is changed also be to bring about recently second new not so the main factor that be very popular, follow-up market can continue confirm this.

Orgnaization viewpoint:

Guangzhou Banding: From dish in light of the face, although each thumb number stops in succession,drop pick up, but two city are maintained as before go up to drop less much typical become divided goes situation, especially second new collective is killed drop aggravate the panic of the capital inside field. Brunt capital is stemmed from avoid danger demand is spreading out quickly new round tone storehouse is changed, new old heat also is in main force is powerful orderly replace undertakes in shuffling. This also is about to beg us to want one divides into two to prices picking up by exponential explore adj come look upon:

Because put sex of the rehabilitate below the play chess that estimate gain to rebound,be destined won’t bounty all is touched, strong pull rising is with weak force capital pours out of those who be cost. So investor fries new, short line to go up continuously to exploding on one hand pressure of a landmine of too big, outstanding achievement, lift a ban is enormous wait for capital to run away clear weak sign cannot hold an illusion absolutely, need meet for a short while tower above bureau. If outstanding achievement deficit wraps around,the star wears the general on the St pagoda of the cap, St, share price in succession one word drops stop, become loose like exalted chip large area again second new pull fragrant home to change, gain profit dish fierce distribute, occurrence day volume is killed drop; if force continuously,go up for nothing again fly triumphant material, share price suffers after successive harden huge secret is killed now drop.

And on the other hand, intervene to brunt deepness and short line trend as before subject matter we can not discard easily not only chip, should meet more instead low induct. In the abidance of relevant benefit good activator stimulation issues this kind certainly will takes the lead in spreading out strong rebound. The haven that goes up greatly like index of BDI of benefit from benefit from the early days such as Nanjing harbor, Zhuhai harbor intervenes in brunt capital deepness next come greeting collective to the limit of one’s capacity is pulled litre, afterwards shrinks yesterday measure callback hind to take the lead in once more now harden is gotten go up two city.

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