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Yam is cheap and fine and nutrition feeds capable person one kind rich. Now, people realized the nutrient value of yam and sanitarian value gradually, the person that has yam became much rise. The breed of yam has a lot of, from nutrient value for, medicine of iron rod yam is fed amphibious, its nourishing function is more powerful, it is the patient with frail constitution’s nourishing ideal feeds capable person. We see the simplest way of sweet juice yam below, everybody mights as well tryShanghai Long Feng forum

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What is the way with sweet juice the simplest yam

The practice of sweet juice yam:

Yam 2 root, medlar 20, rock candy 30 overcome

What is the way with sweet juice the simplest yam


1. general yam is abluent, flay;

2. cuts yam equably 7A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, paragraphs of small; of 8 centimeter

3. general paragraph the yam that cuts each strip reserves;

Put clear in 4. boiler1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Water is burned, put yam, scald 2 minutes can;

5. is over scald the yam of water crosses cold water;

6. yam comes from cold water fish out, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, place dish of;

Above the yam that 7. asperses medlar;

A bowl of small cold water is added in 8. boiler, put in crystal sugar, open the agitate; with ceaseless medium baking temperature

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9. rock candy is dissolved, open conflagration to boil ropy soup juice;

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What is the way with sweet juice the simplest yam

10. goes to Shang Zhilin on yam can.

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