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Aubergine is a kind of vegetable that we often eat, the nutrient value ratio of aubergine is higher, the nutrient material inside has the effect that treats cough, have relieve a cough very well expectorant effect, especially to the child, the symptom that if appear,coughs, at that time the unsuited cure that use drug. Can boil water with aubergine, drink appropriately to the child a few, have clear hot relieve inflammation or fever, the action that embellish lung relieves a cough.

The aubergine water that boil has expectorant the effect effect that relieve a cough

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Have expectorant relieve a cough action

Method: Take violet aubergine of 3 fresh strip to be connected from root ministry () the base of a fruit is cut off, put freezer first refrigerant halfLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Day (want aspic to appear) hind, put into boiler to boil water, water leaves boil 5 minutes to involve fire, go eggplant the base of a fruit drinks water, daily 3.

Aubergine the officinal value of heat having Qing Dynasty, aspic increased its cold sex again later too, to because inside the lung that heat causes heats up cough, can saying is suit the remedy to the case.

2, can aubergine drink child of the water that boil

Child cough has phlegmy, the individual suggests to go to a hospital seeing a doctor first, after be being diagnosed clearly, can relieve a cough to medicaments of child profess to convinced expectorant, do not suggest to drink aubergine root to boil water.

Aubergine belongs to the food of easy allergy, so darling cough eats aubergine less as far as possible.

The aubergine water that boil has expectorant the effect effect that relieve a cough

3, aubergine relieves a cough the water that boil method

Aubergine is the vegetable that a kind of family often has, and aubergine be considered as flotsam by everybody all the time direct excision is thrown into ash-bin, actually everybody is in imperceptible relieve a cough a effectively the medicinal material gives discarded.

Aubergine the officinal value that has a lot of, in ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in have account: Burn ash, treat enunciation skiing ulcer. Unripe cut, brush wind of purplish or white patches on the skin. These did not say more, basically say a few relieve a cough with aubergine the action the water that boil.

4, how to choose aubergine

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Bright purple strip aubergine, excision aubergine clean clean. Those who need an attention is to must choose ” purple ” , ” strip ” aubergine, because purple compares aubergine nutrition of white and officinal value,want tall, strip aubergine is taller than round aubergine water content, make choose purple strip aubergine with water to relieve a cough optimal.

The aubergine water that boil has expectorant the effect effect that relieve a cough

5, the method of the water that boil

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The time that needs a long time without exception. Aubergine the gender the effect of cool, heat having Qing Dynasty, the aubergine after aspic is appeared cool sex increases greatly, hot to lung cough has very good therapy effect.

The aubergine that can appear with aspic directly next the water that boil, after the water that boil is boiling 5 minutes can give boiler.

Aubergine is taken out after giving boiler, drink water 3 times everyday, measure how many adventitious, drink much also affect without what, the symptom that did not cough insists to drink cocoa in order to prevent. Absolutely green ” OTC” , without any side-effect.

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