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The squid is a kind of common seafood, because its taste delicious and get of everybody love. Of the squid eat a law to have a lot of, have barbecue commonly, chili explodes fry etc, although put bit of salt to fry only, squid delicacy eats also is very delicate. Everybody may not know, the protein of the squid and calcic content are very high, what we see a squid below is delicious simple way.

The squid is done so delicious simple

The squid is delicious simple way:

1, the dry squid that if buy,comes wants sufficient bubble hair above all. Bubble hair method is very simple, put clear water and calx to mix inside the basin namely even, join dry squid to immerse 12 hours next, meantime agitate 2, make the squid bilges send even fish out, rinse clean with clear water.

2, if bright squid, did not need bubble to send, should make sure the squid is enough and fresh only can.

The squid is done so delicious simple

3, there is a black skin outside the squid, must pare. The method is to use toothpick to carry oneForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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. black skin rip off hind, with the knife above delimit gently decorative pattern of a few grid.

4, through afore-mentioned two pacesShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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After processing, cannot fry into boiler immediately make, have scald water treatment even, this also isShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Let one of crucial step with fresh and tender squid. A squid drop wants to do moisture before scald water, can extend scald water time otherwise, affect mouthfeel thereby.

5, when squid scald water, the water in boiler wants enough much, and had better put a few Jiang Pian, cooking wine, can the fishy smell of purify squid. If the water in bowl is too little and the squid is much, that does not call scald to be become boiled. The time of scald water must have mastered, particular way: After the water in boiler leaves, put a squid to be boiled a bit, see the squid is hit coil or bleach harden, scoop up with strainer instantly, rush quickly immediately cool, the squid inside and outside with develop scald good is fully cool, such mouthfeel just are met fragile tender.

The squid is done so delicious simple

6, below can begin to fry make a squid. Fry when making, must accomplish conflagration to be fried quickly. The boiler below the squid explodes before frying, must complete drop does moisture, such ability can work sweet fragile tender, if take water to eat boiler, can lengthen fry make time affect mouthfeel thereby, flavour is poor also. After the boiler below the squid, delimit immediately medicinal powder, make its even be heated. After next boilerA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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squid, must explode quickly fry, taste boiler goes out immediately after mix upA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, cannot delay, if disrelish oneself hands or feet slow, can use flavour makings to mix the squid ahead of schedule divide evenly, after leaving boiler so, direct conflagration breaks up it is OK to fry.

7, new squid oneself bright perfume is enough, need not add lest mask original delicacy,flavor too much sweet, flavor with salt, cooking wine and gourmet powder only, taste is pure.

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