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Bean sprouts is a kind of food that common common people likes to eat very much, be sent by bean bubble and it is become, general and common bean sprouts is mixed by gram bud soya bean bud. The commonnest edible method is frying bean sprouts to eat namely, the mouthfeel that fries bean sprouts is ringing tastily, flavour is very delicious also. But bean sprouts does not think potato, bean feed capable person, dry save can save very long. Of bean sprouts saving time is very brief. So, a few days can if was bean sprouts put,still eat?

Did bean sprouts put a few days to be able to eat

Bean sprouts put 9 days to did not suggest to eat again, bean sprouts had better eat that day. Fresh bean sprouts can put freezer can put two days. Bean sprouts is cannot of pass the night, once after pass the night, people can discover bean sprouts can become angry, and the meeting is cankered. Had better eat entirely that day so. Want to be saved very well, need to use so last bag general it is sealed rise, put an end to air, will protect evenShanghai night net

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Little bag is put into freezer, drop in temperature to just can extend its expiration period, but the expiration period also can achieve two days only.

It how is bean sprouts saved is better how is bean sprouts saved

Of bean sprouts save a method to have two kinds: 1, freezer;2, last film. Of bean sproutsShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Nutrient value is very high, even taller than doing not have the nutrient value before sprouting. It is OK to suggest everybody is in daily life so add edible more. The vitamin content that contains after legume is gemmiparous is very tall, especially dimension1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Give birth to element C, it is very beneficial to skin, can retain the moisture of skin, carry water thereby tender, suit to eat in the autumn very much. The moisture in bean sprouts is very big, decay very easily so.

Did bean sprouts put a few days to be able to eat

1, freezer

Because bean sprouts grows below normal temperature,speed is very fast, so expire very easily, want to extend its expiration period so, so the environment that the first element controls it namely. So we can put bean sprouts into freezer to undertake cold storage, but this expiration period can achieve two days only. Once this deadline can send yellow, decay more than, at this moment1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Cannot eat.

2, last film

Bean sprouts had better be not to contact airy, the temperature in air, humidity can urge bean sprouts grow, can accelerate bean sprouts to deteriorate thereby. We can put bean sprouts last in film, put an end to air, put it into freezer again, air and temperature got controlling, so time can be lengthened. But bean sprouts expires very easily really, still hope so everybody1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Did bean sprouts put a few days to be able to eat

Remind everybody even here: The expiration period between soya bean bud and green bean sprouts is different. The time of soya bean bud should grow at gram bud.

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